Cocktails Mobile Bar Hire

Hire our Mobile Bar and add a little magic to your event with some eye catching and tasty cocktails.

If it’s the bar experience you want, then it’s the bar experience you shall get! Having taste tested (tough job) and mixed all your favourite cocktails over and over (see our customer reviews) we have perfected each and every one! Fresh, premium ingredients only, watch on as we give you a little show mixing and shaking it up at your epic event!

Classic Champagne

The perfect cocktail to welcome your guests and for toasting the happy couple!

  • MIMOSAChampagne & Orange juice, garnish with orange
  • KIR ROYALEChampagne & Chambord, garnish with Raspberries
  • BARBOTAGEChampagne, Grand Marnier & Cognac
  • JAMESON'S ICED ESPRESSOThis is Little happy Hut's take on the Espresso Martini. For a smoother taste we use Jameson's cold brew coffee & whisky, shot of our own freshly brewed espresso, cream, sugar, over ice - shaken not stirred, garnish with coffee beans
  • RUSTY NAILWhisky & Drambuie over ice, garnish with Lemon / Orange
  • OLD FASHIONEDBourbon or Rye, the latter makes for a dryer drink, over 1 large ice cube, 1 Sugar cube, 2 dashes of Angostura bitters, dash of plain water, garnish with Orange
  • MANHATTENRye, Italian Vermouth, Angostura bitters, garnish with cherry, over ice or straight up

The perfect cocktail to welcome your guests and for toasting the happy couple You buy and we mix it up and serve!

  • CLASSIC G & T - LITTLE HAPPY HUT FAVE!!!From London, we love Tanqueray Gin and this refreshing Gin Classic never gets old!
    We have a little secret with this one too................
    Ice, Tanqueray Gin, topped with Strange Love Tonic Water and Garnish with a slice of Lemon
  • PINK GIN SPRITZMade fashionable in England during the mid-19th century and traditionally made with Plymouth Gin, this fruity classic is a popular summer choice. For this, Little Happy Hut loves, Gordan's Pink Gin! Add lemonade, Prosecco or champagne, garnish with raspberries or strawberries, over ice
  • FRENCH MARTINIGin, pineapple juice, Chambord, garnish with Raspberries
  • PINEAPPLE DAIQUIRIPineapple Rum, Fresh Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup, garnish with Lime
  • STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRIRum, Strawberry Coulis, Sugar Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice, garnish with Strawberry
  • MOJITORum, Sugar Syrup, Mint Leaves, Fresh Lime Juice, Soda Water, over ice, garnish with limes
  • ESPRESSO MARTINIKahlua, Little Happy Hut's Fresh Premium Espresso, Vodka and Sugar Syrup
  • MOSCOW MULEVodka, Fresh Lime Juice and Ginger Beer
  • VODKA FizzPink lemonade and strawberries, over ice
  • PIMM'SFirst produced in 1823 in Kent England as an aid to digestion. Pimm's is a Little Happy Hut favourite! Pimm's No 1 cup (there are 6 variations of Pimm's, No 1 cup being the most popular), lemonade, mint leaves, oranges, cucumber, strawberries and lemons, over ice served by the glass.
Mocktails - non-alcoholic - Drivers Punch
  • NON ALCOHOLICDRIVER'S PUNCH - perfect for the designated driver!
    Cranberries, Cranberry Juice, Blood Orange Juice (Sanguinello), Juice of Lime, Sparkiling Apple Juice, garnish with limes, oranges and mint sprigs

Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire For Your Event In Melbourne


With over 25 years of organising and planning events, we know how to throw a good party here at Little Happy Hut. Based out of the eastern suburbs, our local and reliable team of professionals has been creating memories for residents and business owners all over Melbourne, providing cocktail bar hire services for all kinds of events.

With our fully functional caravan mobile bar with double and single bar fridge space, we know we can cover all bases of your event, no matter the size or budget you are working with. It is important to us that our customers can provide their guests with the best party experience possible, which is why our bar hire comes with a fully licensed team of professional bartenders.

At Little Happy Hut, we understand that every cocktail party must be hosted to perfection, which is why we offer packages and services that can cover a number of different needs. From gourmet catering, entertainment, photographers to venues, let us help you host the perfect event from start to finish. Our team can also provide a number of different add ons, including, Platters, Point Sandwiches and various sweet desserts for a fantastic cocktail party experience.

Mobile Cocktail Bartender Hire For Melbourne Locals

Mobile Cocktail Bartender

From wedding receptions, private functions to large corporate events, let our team here at Little Happy Hut help you host an unforgettable event through our mobile cocktail bar hire. Melbourne residents and business owners will thoroughly enjoy our sophisticated and enjoyable list of fancy cocktails, ranging from classic champagne mixes to other stronger liquors. We also serve pre mixed punch and jug options for large events, as well as nonalcoholic options. For a professional mobile bar hire team, who better to turn to than the trusted experts at Little Happy Hut to throw your next cocktail event here in Melbourne.

Looking to find out more about our package and services? Don’t wait any longer, get in touch with our friendly team today! we offer free consultations and quotes for all our customers, allowing us to prepare your cocktail package so that your bar is ready for your event.


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