Pushing Through Covid
our Weekday Spot in Bayswater Vic

Wow, 2020 what a year to start a small business!

Dec 2019, we were excited to land our first paid job.  After which, we were flying, bookings were coming in left right and centre from weddings, parties, corporate coffee, markets, festivals to a dog's breakfast! 


Then, in March we managed to land a weekday permanent spot in Ringwood and as Maroondah Council don't hand out permits too easily and after months of emails, calls and meetings, we got the go ahead. We felt quite proud. We started at Ringwood and then 2 weeks in, Covid really showed us what it was made of.  All our bookings postponed or cancelled and our new spot in Ringwood shut down. So what now???

Shortly after lockdown was announced, we were lucky enough to be offered a spot in the private car-park belonging to Food Factory Sales (SPC) and Walmas Meats in Bayswater.  To serve our coffee and Jaffles 7 days a week, if we wanted!  How lucky are we? To be able to still trade during these difficult times.  

It's July now, while typing this, and in 3 months we have got to know so many familiar faces in Bayswater, from business owners, residents, teachers and MP's all of whom are feeling the affects of COVID.


Not only that, we now have a very large furry following. 

Regulars now bring their furry best friends for a free biscuit, water and our famous Lactose Free Puppychinos. Yep, the dogs love them.  We've met so many dogs, who we now call 'regulars'!

Little Happy Hut Mobile Coffee Caravan
Little Happy Hut Mobile Coffee Caravan

We thank all our regulars for supporting us, residents, local businesses and of course the MP's who continue to support us and who make our day with a good chat and banter - of course 1.5m away.

Special thanks to Food Factory Sales and Walmas Meats for your support and allowing us the space in your car park. We feel very lucky.

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6 High Street, Bayswater, 3153




Coffee, Alternative Milks, Dairy Free Chocolate, Spicy Chai, Selection of Teas, Milkshakes, Jaffles, Muffins, Cakes and of course Puppychinos!  


COVID Restrictions apply